Use Quick Connect to connect to an Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or Reflector 4

The Quick Connect™ function is a great way to connect directly to devices when automatic device discovery might not be available. Quick Connect allows you to connect directly to a device on the local network using an IP address or a Quick Connect Code™.

Quick Connect to an Apple TV or Chromecast AirParrot

Find the Quick Connect box in the AirParrot menu.

You can enter a local IP address in this box for a connection. In other words, you can enter your Chromecast or Apple TV's IP address into the Quick Connect box in the AirParrot menu to establish a connection manually. 

Quick Connect Codes are currently only available when connecting to Reflector.

To find your Reflector Quick Connect Code please follow these easy steps:

To use Quick Connect, simply enter the Quick Connect Code into the Quick Connect connection box and press connect

  • Launch Reflector 4 and open the Reflector 4 menu 
  • Locate your QuickConnect Code under the system name in the Reflector 4 menu 
  • Enter this code into the QuickConnect box in the AirParrot 3 menu
  • For more information on how Quick Connect works within your network, view this solution.

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