Manually uninstall AirParrot 3 from Mac

In order to remove AirParrot 3 from your Mac, you will first want to remove the drivers. To do this, follow the steps below. 

Step 1

Click on the gear icon in your AirParrot 3 menu.

Step 2

Select preference from this menu

Step 3

The preferences menu will open. From here click the General tab. 

Click on Uninstall Audio Driver and Uninstall Video Driver to uninstall these drivers. 

Step 4

Selecting these options will require a system password to move forward. 

Follow the prompts and uninstall the drivers. 

Once you have removed the drivers, open a Finder window on your Mac and navigate to your Applications folder. Drag the AirParrot 3 icon from the Applications folder to your Trash, and AirParrot 3 will be removed from your Mac.

If your trial is already expired this can be done manually.

To do this, press Shift+Command+G to bring up the Go-To-Folder option. In that search bar, type in /System/Library/Extensions and remove the "APExtFramebuffer.kext" and "AirParrotDriver.kext". Move those files to the trash.

Once you do that, press the Shift+Command+G again and this time type in /Library/Extensions (they are different locations on a Mac). Again, remove the "APExtFramebuffer.kext" and "AirParrotDriver.kext" file by moving them to the trash.

Now drag AirParrot 3 from your Applications folder to the trash. Give your Mac a restart and you will be all set!

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