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Step 1: Run the Installer

After downloading the AirParrot MSI file, double click it to begin the install process.

Run the Installer

Step 2: Accept the EULA

By accepting the EULA, you agree to the terms and conditions presented. Click continue to move on once the Setup Wizard has completed, click Finish. 

Accept the EULA

Step 3: Open AirParrot from the desktop

After leaving the Setup Wizard, find the AirParrot 3 icon on your desktop and click to launch AirParrot 3.

Open AirParrot from the Start Menu

Step 4: Connect to your device

After you launch AirParrot3, in the menu that appears, find the device you’d like to connect to in the TO section of the menu can click it to make a connection

Click Allow in Windows Firewall alert


If you'd like the AirParrot 3 icon to always display in your task bar, this is possible via the AirParrot preferences. 

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